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        Shen Zhen Long Shi Jia company is a professional electronic components, company sale IR ( International Rectifier company ) 、 INFINEON 、FAIRCHILD 、  ST、POWER、MITSUBISHI、SANREX、SANKEN、FUJI、TOSHIBA、SIEMENS、
SIMON KANG、MOTOROLA、IR、HITACHI、SHINDENEN、CATELEC IXYS、ON、NSC、SEMEHOW and so on world famous brand power devices. Widely used in switching power supply 、UPS power supply、Solar power、Chassis power supply、Inverter、Electric vehicle controller、Charger、Power supply、
Lighting power、Military power 、Industrial power、Custom power supply, electric welding, electrical and mechanical equipment and so on.
The main products: Large, medium and small power diode、triode, stabilovolt tube, Darlington Transistor, silicon control, field effect transistor, Brigde rectifier, molectron(IC), optocoupler. The company sales of electronic components, Engaged in the electronics industry for many years, Honest and trustworthy, quality first, reasonable price, fast delivery in purpose, Uphold the "strength, adequate resources, stock is real " advantage, To the practical style of sound, a sound management system and quality service, In the electronic industry has achieved a very high degree of visibility and credibility, has won the trust of customers, but also by the industry's recognition and affirmation. We accept pay treasure to trade, goods, money two security.
The company is willing to work with friends from all walks of life to work together, mutual benefit, and create a better future.
Spot Stock
Product material no.
Manufacturer (brand)
Spot Stock
STF13NM60NST 80000 80000
SPA16N50C3INFINEON 8000 8000
FGW75N60HDFUJI 5000 5000
GT40T301TOS 5000 50000
78M33ON/FSC 8000 8000
HIT468日立/RENESAS 80000 80000
C2078SANYANG 8500 8500
BTA16-600BST 150000 150000
BTA12-600BST 12000 12000
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